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		2d game description
		by Kevin Cox
		for Interactive Computer Graphics, spring '06
		professor Denis Zorin
		this came from http://www.jibberia.com/
butterfly net a 2d game by kevin cox

since it's been so long since I've done anything of significance in c/c++, i'm scrapping some of my niftier plans in favor of re-wetting my c feet with something relatively simple.

this plan will evolve as I see fit. right now it's pretty good, but as I begin implementing it might be advantageous to change things. my changes will be reflected here.

game description. one player plays against time to capture butterflies with a rotating net. when starting the game, the player is presented with a net on screen, whose pole-end is located in the center of a round playing area. when the game begins, butterflies and the occasional bee fly around, and the net starts to rotate. the player controls the distance of the net from the center [and the speed of rotation]. a clock counts down to zero. the object is to capture as many butterflies and as few bees as possible.

objects. game control. the player uses the arrow keys up/down to change the radius, and if speed is to be implemented, left/right to change the speed.